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I kind of miss NG

2012-02-14 00:59:11 by Deathspam

Been a while, and haven't really done any forum posting... Since the redesign all I've done is post cynical reviews of things


2011-06-21 20:14:11 by Deathspam


New Flash Artist

2009-04-19 23:17:59 by Deathspam

Today I submitted my very first flash, Dress-up Hitler. Have fun putting him in silly outfits. Vote 5 and I'll give you a blowjob.

Am I sexy?

2009-03-29 21:10:12 by Deathspam

Rhetorical question. Yes, I am.

Social life > Newgrounds?

2009-02-15 22:06:00 by Deathspam

I realized that I've been spending way less time on Newgrounds and a lot more time hanging out with my friends, girls, etc, and even when I'm on the computer I am communicating with my friends on facebook instead of going on Newgrounds. When I do go on, I usually only lurk and don't post often at all. Life without newgrounds seems kind of empty, and I secretly wish I didn't have any friends and could spend all day care free here on newgrounds without anything better to do.


2009-01-11 21:03:47 by Deathspam

My life right now in 3 sentences.

I'm fucking sick of winter

I really wish I had a girlfriend

I don't get enough sleep.


Card from Thegluestickman

2008-12-23 22:52:45 by Deathspam

I won a forum game by finding some cup hidden in a photo and the prize was 5 dollars. The card came today, with a nice message. I didn't expect the moneys to be Canadian. Theglusestickman rocks.

Card from Thegluestickman


2008-12-14 18:05:12 by Deathspam

I've been changing my signature about once a week now. for a couple weeks I had a template of static that faded into black, and would periodically change the color.

I've started making some new ones from scratch, can you give me an opinion of my new signature?


It's cold in Wisconsin

2008-12-05 22:50:50 by Deathspam


My 1,000th post

2008-11-30 16:59:47 by Deathspam

I'm secretly really happy about it, but don't want to make a big deal out of it.